Financial Institutions

Your Needs

Have you had a bad experience with your current in-house IT department or outsourced IT provider? Does your system have too much downtime? Or maybe you’ve had poor results from a third-party audit? There are many reasons financial institutions need secure IT solutions. Regulatory requirements for financial systems are in place for a reason: They are important. You want to be able to confidently stand behind your system’s infrastructure because your customers’ livelihoods depend on it.

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Our Solutions

Acumen Technology places great importance on securing our clients’ systems. We undergo a SOC2 audit to prove our dependability. We understand how important your information and network is, so we take its security seriously. We will work with your executive team to prepare a strategic plan and IT budget that reaches out 12 to 18 months. Our IT Roadmap works to lessen any chance of surprises.

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Here’s how Acumen Technology’s Financial IT solutions will position your financial institution for success:

  • Monitor and proactively manage your entire IT infrastructure through our Managed Services
  • Provide you a quarterly business review with documentation for auditors
  • Ensure your systems have the proper disaster recovery and business continuity plans in place as mandated by regulators
  • Work with your operations team to improve productivity while securing confidential data
  • Help you decide on the best hardware and software choices to fit your industry-related IT needs, now and into the future

Our Experience

We have been working with financial institutions for 20 years. This experience has given us a firm understanding of the FFIEC guidelines and audit process. We assist our clients in aligning their technology to meet specific FFIEC advice. And where others are generalists, we have direct experience with many different core providers and loan/deposit platforms.