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Healthcare IT consists of technological complexities and specialized issues. Software must be integrated for speed and reliability, doctors and administrators need network access at all times, and HIPAA regulations and other government mandates regarding Electronic Medical Records (EMR) require automation. To increase the effectiveness of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and medical administrators, our Healthcare Managed Services provide our specialized knowledge to drive a modern practice.

Healthcare IT Services by Nashville Managed Service Providers, ACUMEN Technology

Our IT Service & Solutions

Efficiency and productivity can be greatly improved with the implementation and use of proper technology. This also helps contain costs while maintaining the highest standards of patient care.

A stable and properly functioning computer network ensures your EMR, EHR, HIS, and PMS software functions properly, increases operational efficiency, lowers costs, shortens the billing cycle, and frees up your staff to concentrate on patient care.

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Here’s how Acumen Technology's Healthcare IT solutions will help your practice:

  • Conduct an IT assessment of your existing infrastructure to support and secure the transmission of sensitive healthcare information
  • Protect your electronic records and ensure legally mandated privacy
  • Increase medical staff members’ productivity so they can focus on patients
  • Make certain that the software is properly integrated for dependability
  • Recommend and select hardware and software technologies that align with the growth of your practice
  • Ensure your computer network is solid and reliable at all times

Our Experience

We have a long history of working with healthcare clients. This experience gives us a strong understanding of HIPAA guidelines and processes. We help our clients align their technology with specific HIPAA advice. EMR systems differ, and we can help our clients deploy and manage them safely.