Community Banks

Acumen Technology is a highly experienced and knowledgeable IT service provider for financial institutions. We know the industry and have deep expertise in banking regulatory requirements as applied to Information Technology.

Our Managed IT Services help our clients to navigate through mandated requirements and build an IT infrastructure that is both reliable and compliant. Our solutions deliver on the highest security requirements that your business demands, which is what distinguishes us from our competitors.

At Acumen Technology, we understand that financial institutions are reliant on technology. We help our clients design, build and manage their infrastructure with security and availability in mind.

Here’s how Acumen Technology’s Financial IT solutions will position your bank for success:

  • Monitor and proactively manage your entire IT infrastructure through our Managed Services
  • Provide you a quarterly business review with documentation for auditors
  • Ensure your systems have the proper disaster recovery and business continuity plans in place as mandated by regulators
  • Work with your operations team to improve productivity while securing confidential data
  • Help you decide on the best hardware and software choices to fit your industry-related IT needs, now and into the future