Risk Assessment

It’s no secret that one of the factors your business’s success depends on is the safety of your internal systems, including your data, email communications, proprietary-custom programs, and more. Government regulations and compliance rules need to be adhered to if you wish to avoid unexpected regulatory losses, reputational damages, or worse -- both. Keep your guard up and be guided by Risk Assessment services from Acumen Technology.

Our certified technicians will help you reach your compliance goals by developing a thorough assessment of the challenges associated with your internal systems and how a disaster could impact your business. Only then will we evaluate your needs to find a backup option and create a contingency plan that is right for you. Assess your risk today, so you can work with confidence tomorrow.

Acumen Technology will assess the risk within your business from various verticals, including:

  • Employee and vendor payment methods
  • Invoice and billing
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Email communications
  • Proprietary-custom programs
  • Applications and critical data