Disaster Recovery

In the event of a disaster, is your business prepared to survive and bounce back into operation without prolonged delay? They say it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ unforeseen threats happen such as floods, fires, hacks, or theft. When disaster does occur, how confident are you that your business will be spared from the significant burden of financial and total data loss?

Surprisingly enough, statistics show that on average, 40% of businesses don’t have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place and thus go out of business within two years after a disaster. There’s no reason why your organization should be part of those statistics.

Acumen Technology can help you set up Disaster Recovery (DR) procedures and create an efficient and effective Business Continuity Plan to safeguard your business from downtime. Don’t wait for the inevitable to happen. Contact us to start a thorough assessment of your disaster preparedness to identify areas of weakness and pinpoint gaps to be filled.

Disaster Recovery solutions from Acumen Technology are:

  • Secure - Your data files are always safe and stored offsite to make sure that if you lose the physical copy, a backup is always ready. We also back up the backups to provide data redundancy.
  • Fast - No delay in getting back to business with easily retrievable files and data. We’ll also help install virtual servers to minimize downtime and prevent service disruption.
  • Monitored - Our team looks after your data 24/7 to ensure it is protected and ready to go should you ever need it.