Secure Wireless Solutions

Having stable Internet connectivity is essential for any business to remain operational. However, many small and medium-sized businesses lack the IT resources, expertise and budget to compete in an industry with large companies who possess enterprise-level technology like their own onsite data center. Acumen Technology helps meet your business’s demands for a secure and high-level network performance with the most advanced Secure Wireless Solutions.

Our WLAN solutions will help you maintain a competitive advantage with a consistent, high-performing, cloud-managed wireless network service that remains flexible and scalable. We’ll provide you the tools and IT support to stay connected with secure, reliable, and optimal internet access.

Acumen Technology’s Secure Wireless Solutions provide your organization with:

  • Enterprise-level management and monitoring of your network connectivity
  • Troubleshooting connectivity issues and centralized configuration for mobile devices
  • Secure storage of compliance records and archived data
  • Updating and managing firmware
  • Wireless access points depending on your workspace requirements
  • Cost savings as WLAN requires no upfront software and server purchases