A technology that’s growing rapidly in IT infrastructures, virtualization is a great opportunity for small and medium-sized organizations to improve their bottom line by maximizing one’s time management and money, and allowing more work to be done with less hardware.

Provided it is given a substantial amount of consideration and a well-thought plan, virtualization can empower your business in such a way that it lowers energy and capital expenses, employs underutilized computer and network resources, increases security, and improves disaster recovery preparedness.

To get started, Acumen Technology offers in-depth assessment of your current virtual infrastructure to see how virtualization can optimize your processes and benefit your organization over the long-term. We’re here to help with all the nitty-gritty work!

The benefits of Acumen Technology’s Virtualization service include:

  • Fewer physical servers are needed
  • Reduced IT maintenance and operating costs
  • Longer hardware refresh cycles
  • Quicker and easier backup and disaster recovery preparedness
  • More efficient IT infrastructure and improved operational flexibility
  • Ability to continue using legacy software
  • Easy migration to the cloud
  • Files and applications are “always on” for business
  • Less downtime and fewer unplanned outages
  • Less time spent providing deskside support
  • More efficient deployment of hardware and software installation and upgrades
  • Increased security