WAN Communication

When it comes to high-speed and secure telecommunications solutions at a price you can afford, Acumen Technology’s WAN Communications service will equip your organization with the computer connectivity it needs for greater efficiency in data transfer.

Whether you own a large organization with facilities at multiple sites, or a small business with just two remote offices, Acumen Technology has the capability to design, configure, and implement your wide area networks privately and securely on all of your enterprise locations.

The benefits of Acumen Technology’s WAN Communications for your business include:

  • Allows you to centralize key operations of your facilities in different geographical locations
  • Quicker data accessibility due to caching
  • Enables mobile and remote working
  • Improved application performance because of bandwidth
  • More reliable and faster data recovery
  • Increases efficiency due to maximized bandwidth utilization and less network congestion
  • Drastically reduces the cost of equipment and software thus leading to greater cost savings